Over the last ten years, 55 projects have been undertaken and completed, all of various constructions, and in different provinces/counties in the country, which have made a great impact to the Kenyan economy.

Throughout the years of our existence, we have re–organized and diversified our business and achieved success in the execution of the strategic initiatives that we set to accomplish. We have acquired a reputation for supporting and ensuring the successful completion of each project tackled, with the aim of completing before the contract completion period. 

In all our projects, we have proved a practical hands on approach coped with adaptability, resilience, and leadership, with determination and commitment of the highest standards.  All our operations and transactions are guided by the drive to provide quality service and products at all times. Quality defines our past and is charting a course into our future. We can proudly proclaim that for the last five years we have undertaken contracts worth over 5 Billion Kenya Shillings. Our ongoing and successfully projects are a proof of our clients confidence in us as well as our mettle to deliver quality products.